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Keeping It Real

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John Githongo, the former Kenyan Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics, ‘burst[s] the myth of Kenyan exceptionalism’ in today’s East African. To wit:

What we had in truth was a rapacious state dominated by a small elite that was prone to mobilise ethnically; had no real concept of national interest nor was even bothered to develop a coherent foreign policy.

It used violence, the threat of violence and economic exclusion, at will against individuals and entire sections of the population considered “hostile.”

This has been the reality covered tightly under a lid that hissed steam with every detention order, every assassination, every demonstration, every exile.

The whole piece is a fascinating read. Money quote:

The bigger transition underway in Kenya today is from the first generation of thieves to the second.

And so the next convulsion, if it comes, will take new forms. It won’t only be political and ethnic, but will also assume class and racial overtones.

Ethnicity, race and class are now inextricably intertwined in a toxic cauldron of divisiveness, sitting on the fire of youth empowerment lit by politicians who then took a break to build Spanish villas and buy SUVs.


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February 15, 2010 at 15:20