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Tanzania Invades Nigeria…

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Well, sort of.

On Sunday March 21st, the Nigerian newspaper NEXT featured the above cartoon by Tanzania’s very own Gado. It is quite exciting to see the glimmers of continental integration that this cartoon syndication shows – a Tanzanian cartoonist, working for a Kenyan media house being published in a Nigerian newspaper.

A less remarkable but equally satisfying report was published in two Nigerian newspapers on March 24, 2010. The article is about the growth of the equipment leasing business in Nigeria since 1996. Serengeti Advisers did the research that informed the article and witnessed the House Commerce Committee hearing on a Leasing Bill that quoted, approvingly, from the article.

(Credit: GADO. Source: Daily Nation – Nairobi, Kenya. Provider: CartoonArts International / The New York Times Syndicate)

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March 26, 2010 at 11:05

Upcoming Attractions

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The Serengeti Advisers Media RetroSpective 2009 is on its way. Have you been wondering what topics and news stories received the most ink, or why the media is interested in some issues and not others, or which stories kept the newspapers’ attention the longest? There will be some answers to all those questions and more. In the meantime, here is a glimpse:


The percentage of Top Story headlines in relation to other stories that made the news in 2009


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February 25, 2010 at 10:15

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