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In the spirit of openness…

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The Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN), publishers of Daily News and Habari Leo and their sister publications, Sunday News and Habari Leo Jumapili, has today announced the names of its new incoming board of directors which will be chaired by a former civil servant, Mr. William Mukama.

One wonders whether other media houses will let us know who makes up their board of directors. Will IPP Media, home of The Guardian and Nipashe? Will Mwananchi Communications, owners of The Citizen and Mwananchi? How about Media Solutions, publishers of This Day and Kulikoni?

All these organisations love to harp on about how we need more openness from our government institutions. Well, may be they need to practice a little more transparency themselves.


Things that make you go hmmmm…

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The Minister for Energy and Minerals, Mr. William Ngeleja, got into an altercation with a security guard (Swahili needed) at the Standard Chartered ATM yesterday. According to Mr. Pascal Mnaku, an employee of Ultimate Security Ltd, Mr. Ngeleja was in the booth talking on his mobile phone and he was trying to alert the Minister to the fact that other clients were waiting to use the ATM when: “The Minister suddenly turned around and started shouting at me asking me ‘Do you know who I am? You don’t know who I am!’ and he started swearing at me…*” Mr. Mnaku was summoned along with his superiors to Minister Ngeleja’s office in the afternoon for further discussion. 

Cautionary tales: other memorable instances of public egotism include former Minister for Finance Basil Mramba’s statement that the government would buy a presidential jet even if this meant that we would have to ‘eat grass’ (Swahili needed) to afford it, former Minister for Infrastructure Development Andrew Chenge’s dismissal of his massive, and allegedly suspect, personal fortune as Vijisenti’ (Swahili needed) and former Tabora Regional Commissioner Ukiwaona Ditopile Mzuzuri’s homicidal bout of road rage (Swahili needed)

*Translated from Kiswahili.

UPDATE: So, Mr. Ngeleja responded to the above story. He told Mwananchi (Swahili needed) that he was talking on the phone while waiting for the ATM to dispense his third consecutive cash withdrawal when Pascal Mnaku entered the booth, invading his privacy and demanding that he leave so that other customers could use the machine. Mr. Ngeleja apparently tried to reason with him, but Mr. Mnaku became verbally aggressive all the while showing no sign of knowing who he was talking to:

“I am certain that guard didn’t know who I was during that time, as he was starting to get confrontational one customer tried to warn him that he was speaking to a Cabinet Minister but he continued to shout *” 

Yes, Minister. 

*Translated from Kiswahili.

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January 7, 2010 at 17:09