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Football and Banking: The Africa Cup of Nations Edition

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It is not every day that you see local banks sponsoring big sporting tournaments- In Africa the major players in the market are mobile phone operators and beer companies. Standard Bank Group, as it is known in South Africa and trading as Stanbic Bank in other African countries, decided to sponsor a few its select clients to go to Luanda and watch the Africa Cup of Nations quarterfinal match between the host Angola against Ghana. 

Before the actual football, however, the clients got a chance to be treated like royalties at every leg of the journey. They got a chance to mingle with people from across the continent- Botswanans, Kenyans, Ugandans and a Ghanaian guy who’ll always be remembered for his naughty son. On the day that the special guests arrived in Luanda, they enjoyed a magical evening at Cafe Del Mar, a Slipway type space,  that included watching the sunset on the horizon before being ushered to dinner at a nearby restaurant where a live band played soft and soothing music in the background. The next day they visited Musullo Island where they were served a great selection of fresh sea food and other delicacies before the long trip to the November 11 stadium to watch the match. The bank was able to reserve a special section for them, with a private snack bar and the likes.   

All in all, it was a great PR move for Standard Bank- all those present are likely to dish out accolades and compliments to the bank in their respective countries. For an ordinary client to receive such a star treatment that they only see in movies is an extraordinary occurrence and their stories are more than likely to encourage others to join the bank in the hope that next time it will be their turn. The bank did not simply offer tickets to a football match but provided its clients with an experience, one that left them with a little bit of Angola and newly forged friendships. This is certainly a unique way to attract clients and enjoy the beautiful game. One that will certainly change how customers in the continent view Stanbic. 


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February 8, 2010 at 16:45