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In the spirit of openness…

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The Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN), publishers of Daily News and Habari Leo and their sister publications, Sunday News and Habari Leo Jumapili, has today announced the names of its new incoming board of directors which will be chaired by a former civil servant, Mr. William Mukama.

One wonders whether other media houses will let us know who makes up their board of directors. Will IPP Media, home of The Guardian and Nipashe? Will Mwananchi Communications, owners of The Citizen and Mwananchi? How about Media Solutions, publishers of This Day and Kulikoni?

All these organisations love to harp on about how we need more openness from our government institutions. Well, may be they need to practice a little more transparency themselves.

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  2. I read your article and I’m shocked to say the least that you might be thinking that companies such as Mwananchi Communications Limited will be hidding the names of the members of its board of directors. I really do not know why that would be of any use to any company.

    One thing that you need to understand is that companies will not go around announcing who are seated in their board of directors. This information is usually provided in the need-to-know basis. But its not hidden, when you want it you can get it. How would you expect companies like Mwananchi Communications Ltd which do not a corporate website to communicate this information? Print on the newspapers everyday? Have you made an attempt to ask and denied such information?

    Well, if you need this information feel free to ask. Visit there you will find contact details and ask for all the info you need and i guarantee you will get it.


    April 6, 2010 at 18:21

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