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Say that again?

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Civic United Front’s (CUF) Director of Foreign Affairs Jussa Ismail Jussa pushed back against those criticizing his party’s insistence that President Karume’s term be extended beyond October’s elections. He told The Citizen:

“Confidence is the key word in solving Zanzibar problems, but the time left is not enough to capture it…We are talking about institutions and individuals that for close to a half a century have been at the centre of conflicts in Zanzibar’

He goes on to argue that it is important to have President Karume stay in power a little longer than his current term allows so as to consolidate the reconciliation agreement that has been agreed between him CUF’s Seif Shariff Hamad. Then he says this:

We know very well how some of those aspiring for presidency through CCM, are working day and night to frustrate the reconciliation process because they feel that it frustrates their presidential ambitions.

Hang on a minute. Now, there are always going to be folks within CCM with presidential ambitions who may feel threatened by the new reality of togetherness taking shape in Zanzibar. If this is indeed the case, is Mr. Jussa then suggesting that President Karume stay in power until such people cease to exist? If so, how long will this take? And what will CUF be doing during this time?

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January 22, 2010 at 15:10